Mud mask

Apply to face once a week by mixing 1x tsp with water to form a smoothe paste.

• Heals acne
• Unclogs pores
• Draws out toxins from the skin
• Natural expoliator
• Softens skin
• Brightens skin
• Reduce appearance of scars
• Heals and regenerates skin tissue

R 275.00

Muscle rub

Apply topically to affected area

• Anti-inflammatory
• Relax sore stiff muscles

R 235.00

Detox soak

1tbsp to bathwater, soak for 20min

• Anti-stress
• Muscle aches and pains
• Treats stiff muscles
• Promotes sleep
• Increase exercise performance
• Heals muscle tissue
• Reduce pain and swelling

R 235.00

Body scrub

Apply topically on skin with circular motions

• Removal of dead skin cells
• Increase blood circulation
• Improve appearance of cellulite
• Prevents ingrown hair
• Improve absorption of moisturisers

R 235.00

Peppermint mist

Spray 2 pumps in hands and inhale, use with room diffuser, spray on pillow

• Relieve muscle and joint pain
• Chronic sinusitis relief
• Improves respiratory problems
• Provide allergy relief
• Increase energy
• Alleviate headaches
• Helps with snoring
• Footspray: smelly feet and burning soles

R 235.00

Hydrating oil

Apply topically on skin, mix with conditioner, mix with body lotion, few drops in bath water

• Treats stretch marks
• Moisturise dry hands
• Reduce appearance of scars
• Add it to body lotion for extra moisture
• Scalp treatment

R 235.00

Vanilla body souffle

Topical cream, not for facial use

• Intense skin hydration
• Non greasy application
• Absorbed easily

R 235.00

Day cream spf 30

Apply topically on face daily

• Moisturise
• Protect against uv radiation
• Instant absorption
• Non toxic
• All skin types

R 275.00

Super sauce

Apply on the soles of feet and behind the ears 2x daily

• Treatment and maintenance for adhd and autism
• Help with concentration
• Decrease stress and anxiety
• Reduce hyperactivity
• Controlls impulsive behaviour
• Affect endocrine system and central nervous system
• Reduce depression

R 275.00

Daily cleanser

Mix with water to wash face

• Facial cleanser
• Removes sebum and deep cleanses
• Safe to use on all skin types

R 275.00