What is B-Light Corporate?

We are your companies solution to affordable employee wellness, offering relaxation and anti-stress treatments to all employees at the comfort of their own desk.

What do we do?

We provide each of your Employees with an Anti-stress treatment that entails a Head, Neck, Shoulder and hand Massage. Each session takes 20-30 minutes.

Why B-Light?

Our team consists of fully trained and professional therapists that will offer the friendliest service to your company employees. They are also fully trained on our products to give the best advice possible. This treatment to each employee is also Free of Charge to all companies.

More about B-Light

Blight is a young dynamic company striving to lead the way in providing effective and affordable wellness solutions.
We employ teams of professional therapists that de-stress more than 4000 employees per month. Only Organic products that are not tested on animals are used for the massage.
Our main focus is to employ young dynamic therapists, that don't have the privilege to tertiary education, or they are single mothers who have to provide for their families. This opportunity however will provide them with enough experience to add to their portfolio. It will also provide opportunities in their lives that they will never find elsewhere.

The Benefit of using B-Light services for your company

Happy employees equal productivity of companies. Everyone needs a pampering de-stress treatment now and then. Why not treat your employees to a specialized de-stress treatment in the comfort of their own office or workstation?
This service is completely free of charge to the company and therefore your company can only benefit. Not only that, but you will soon see them walking around with smiles on their faces, thanking you for this lovely treat.
This will also have an uplifting effect to their emotional state and provide Clarity to complete their task at hand properly.
Employees will feel valued in that it demonstrates that management cares about their wellbeing.


Free of charge to all clients once a year.
Rate per therapist if booked more than once a year : R600 per day.
Each therapist can accommodate up to 15 employees per day.