B-Light is a Company that strife for your Personal Well-being. Starting at the workplace, where most of our daily stress originate. We do Corporate massages in the comfort of your office chair. This Anti-stress Massage entails a Head, Neck, Shoulder and hand massage to relieve stress related aches and pains. This massage will also provide a relaxed state of mind and increased mentality for work efficacy.

This service is Free of charge.
If you are interested in more satisfying longer Treatments, there is our Spa. At the Spa we offer a wide Range of relaxing treatments e.g. Full Body Massages, Back & Neck

Massages, Pedicures etc.
Couples and Group Booking are also welcome.
We also have a wide variety of products available for Retail. These Products are all Natural with no added preservatives or harmful Chemicals, but still very effective!!
Our Team consist of Fully Trained Professional Therapists.

B-Light is a young Dynamic Company that Strife to lead the way in Providing effective and affordable wellness solutions.